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Methods of prevention of house insects

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The appearance of insects at home does not mean the inability to get rid of them permanently. But you can do this in two stages:

Protect the home from the appearance of insects through:

1. Preserving hygiene
- Wash dishes soiled finished use, and organize the place of food preparation.
- Preserving vegetables and fruit in the refrigerator, they are an attraction for flies and insects.
- Preserving food such as flour and sugar in sealed containers.
- Get rid of garbage daily.
- Clean and sterilize your home daily and introduce sunlight to it continuously to renew and change the air inside.

2. Drought Conservation:
- Do not leave pools in the kitchen sink or bathroom floors, they represent the environment of cockroaches.
- There is no problem with the drainage system.

3 - Lack of a place to pass:
- Close the door of the house well and not leave it open for the infiltration of mice.
- Check the status of the wire on the windows, change it if it is broken.

4 - fill cracks walls:
- You can use white cement to fill cracks, whether small or large.

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